Friday, November 6, 2009

Studio Fair

Left side of booth (mirror behind scarf rack)

Right side of booth

Took these pictures before they turned down the lights this morning. Still tweaking the booth some at this point, but not much.

However, I may re-do it tomorrow. I went with a more boutique-y look - fewer things hung up, more things on the shelves below.

I'm not entirely sure I like the effect, although it doesn't seem to stop people from coming in and looking through the small piles on the shelves. :) So I may just leave it.

We are not having the crowds we had last year. OTOH, I don't know how many of those crowds actually bought anything as I didn't have a booth last year. (I just demo'd in the guild booth.)

I quite like my booth placement this year. May see if I can get the same location next year. Historically the booths were assigned by lottery, but there is new management so I don't know if that approach is still being used. I've been trying to convince the organizers to group the food booths and they seem to be doing that somewhat this year. I'm also going to point out that a booth full of textiles next to a booth of scented lotions is also A Bad Idea. :( Not just for me but the booth full of cute kid's clothing across from me.

I'm just glad I'm not next door to the soap maker at the front of the hall. I was next door to them one year and nearly asphixiated with my allergies kicking up a royal fuss. :( At least this booth has very mild scents in their lotions - I've doubled up on my anti-histamines anyway. :)

And yes, my hang tags are front and centre. My philosophy is that if it's for sale there ought to be a price on it. If there isn't, many people assume that if they have to ask how much they can't afford it. :}

The sale opened slowly but with steady people coming through - and much less sticker shock than last weekend. :)

Also heard of a smaller show in a community about 3 hours drive away that is supposed to be good. I'll look at doing that next year.


Delighted Hands said...

I like the look-very orderly and love your philosophy on obvious pricing!

barbara said...

Great looking booth - nice to be away from the "highly scented" products. One reason I don't do craft fairs ...... too much scent. Though I might look into a couple next year. Weaverly yours .. Barbara