Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day Two

No photo today - must have jiggled when I took the picture with my Blackberry - it's sadly out of focus. However nothing much has changed as I decided the boutique look seemed to be working okay. :)

We were 'late' getting to the hall and the doors opened just as we slid in. It was heartening to see the line up of people waiting to get in, and it stayed fairly busy all morning. Sales starting happening almost right away - slow but steady.

I bought a new sugar bowl - ours has a broken lid - and some fridge magnets with great art work and even better mottos. We also looked at a metal tree sculpture for the mantel which will double as our Christmas tree. If there are any left by the time we get back to the booth, chequebook in hand. :}

Studio Fair is also a time to re-connect with people in town that I only ever see at Studio Fair. Including a cousin who was visiting for the weekend. :)

It's also a sad time because my brother would always come and visit - and I miss that. And him.

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Dorothy said...

I think it's good to have a time when you remember your brother, but also have other people around and meet old friends. Hope you're enjoying the fair, it sounds good.