Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Fatty

Just wanted to share a quote from Dawn French:

My theory was that if I behaved like a condifent, cheerful person, eventually I would buy it myself, and become that. I always had traces of strength somewhere inside me, it wasn't fake, it was just a way of summoning my courage to the fore and not letting any creeping self-doubt hinder my adventures. This method worked then, and it works now. I tell myself that I am the sort of person who can open a one-woman play in the West End, so I do. I am the sort of person who has several companies, so I do. I am the sort of person who WRITES A BOOK! So I do. It's a process of having faith in the self you don't quite know you are yet, if you see what I mean. Believing that you will find the strength, the means somehow, and trusting in that, although your legs are like jelly. You can still walk on them and you will find the bones as you walk. Yes, that's it. The further I walk, the stronger I beocome. So unlike the real lived life, where the further you walk the more your hips hurt.


Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Thanks for that -- I've loved her shows and her knitting book was fun, too. I'll have to look this one up in the library, perhaps it will help kickstart a few projects here.

Nancy C said...

Dawn and Jennifer have always been one of my reasons for living! (-; Seriously, I love them both, ever since the old days of "French and Saunders." I was so disappointed last trip to London that their "farewell" performances were all sold out!

Sharon Schulze said...

I am the sort of person who weaves excellent items that other people want to own and that can be productive even in the context of tons of other life and work stuff!

Sharon Schulze said...

I was reading your Twitter updates. Do you have some lovely tip for speeding up the fringe twisting process?

Laura said...

You got it Sharon - Fake it til you make it!

Not sure about speeding up the frige twisting. I do use a hand operated (not battery) tool. I think I showed pics of how I do it on CD Weaver????

who can't remember everything that's on the cd 'cause there's so much!