Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Scarves

back to scarves and plain weave....

Finished the 11 meters (actually 10, I cut the warp off sooner 'cause I ran out of weft!) this afternoon then dressed the loom with a 10 meter painted warp.

The warp is a mixture of soy protein fibre and Tencel about a 5/2 grist, set at 20 and woven in plain weave with Bambu 12. The warp was wound with one strand of each and threaded randomly.

Unfortunately the Bambu 12 doesn't come in all the gorgeous dark colours that are available in the Bambu 7. :( Any guesses as to which colour I'm using for weft on this warp?

The last placemat warp wasn't really to my taste in terms of colour. I'm not a big fan of olive greens and beiges. But that's the thing about weaving for sale - I don't have to absolutely *love* every single warp I put on the loom. I only have to believe that it is attractive and will co-ordinate with someone's dishes or decor. One of the reasons I had so much of these colours on hand is because I had a special order for a table runner last month.

The customer had paint chips of the colours in her dining room, and I matched the cotton to the chips as closely as possible. She was delighted with her runner and I figured if she was happy with those colours, others might be too. And besides, I had this yarn to use up....

The colours are also similar to a fairly popular glaze a local potter uses, so I figure there are likely people with that pottery, possibly looking for placemats to go with them.

Tomorrow I'll start getting the AVL ready with another tea towel warp. Doug is on 'early' shift this week, and I'd much rather watch the rest of the figure skating tonight than work any more today. :)

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