Sunday, February 21, 2010

Once More - Mats

Spent most of the afternoon pressing, but did manage to get another placemat warp on the loom.

Wasn't sure about the choice for hem colour so I wove a header with the hem weft, then an inch with the weft for the mat body. It looked okay, so I've gone ahead and wound bobbins so I can start weaving tomorrow.

Doug is going back to work Monday, still snuffling and sneezing, but feeling much better than he did on Friday. He spent much of the weekend watching the Olympics and loading up the boxes of yarn for Fibres West - coming all too soon. Just over four weeks, in fact. March 26/27 in Abbotsford, BC.

What that means is that we'll have a living room filled with boxes for a month, but at least we've got a good head start on packing! :}

I've about run out of yarn for placemats, so once this warp is done - perhaps by tomorrow evening - I'll start in on the painted scarf warps.

And I've figured out what will go onto the AVL - more tea towels, hopefully to use up the last of the 24 nm linen. That will still leave at least one cone of 12 nm linen, but I'll get to that eventually, too. I know that Lynn has at least a couple more 12 nm cones of linen that she wants me to take away, so the tea towels are not done yet!

One of the things I need to do is get rid of more 'orphan' yarns. Little bits and pieces of yarn left over from other projects. Not enough to do a project with, but too much to throw/give away. So I may put a random stripe warp for tea towels or table runners onto the Fanny at some point to try and use some of that yarn up. Think Joseph and the Amazing Coloured Dream Coat.

We'll see how it goes.

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Sharon Schulze said...

Y'know, I just finished a 10 yard warp that ended up as 12 towels. As I was taking them off the loom I had this warm fuzzy feeling like "I really like making lots of woven things!" I like having lots of product when I'm done, being able to share with all the people who might like the items (not so much market for my items...) and having a big pile of stuff to show for it. I like all the empty cones. I like the opportunity to make a mistake if that happens (and it happens kind of a lot because I end up having to weave when I'm tired or not at all) and even if there is a mistake or two I still have several "firsts".

I like being able to weave efficiently enough to finish a long warp in a reasonable amount of time. I like having sets of things (towels or placemats or whatever) to give as gifts whenever the need for a gift comes up.

And I like being able to give a gift just because I feel like it regardless of the season off the year!

That's a lot of stuff to like, isn't it....

Laura said...

What you said..... :D

Had one oopsie on the last placemat warp - my mom quite often gets my seconds to give as gifts.