Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harvest Cloth

next placemat warp

One of the advantages of participating in a show like the Seattle Weavers Guild is that I don't need to pay as much attention to the development of a line as I do when I'm exhibiting only in my own booth space.

I can go ahead and do colours that won't necessarily look good together, because they won't necessarily be seen together.

The Seattle Guild sale has been running for years. It takes the form of a large department store. There are areas for household textiles, fashion accessories, clothing, rugs, and so on. All the guild members bring their textiles and each department head arranges everything within their department.

Since there are generally around 70+ weavers participating, that means there is a vast array of colours, styles and approaches to designing cloth.

It's very exciting!

But as I said, it's also very freeing because I can go ahead and scrounge through my storage area, using up bits of this and that with no thought to how it's going to look in a 10 by 10 booth.

I've about used up the yarns suitable for placemats. If I want to make more I may actually have to buy more yarn! So I expect that unless I stumble across something later today it will be back to scarves tomorrow.

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