Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scarfaweekend #2

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In spite of spending the morning at the guild room dyeing, I managed to thread and sley the warp this afternoon and after dinner got about half of it woven in between minding the industrial cone winder.

I have a new temporary studio elf coming in on Monday, so I needed to get some prep work done in order that she have things to do when she arrives. The Bambu 7 is now coned off, ready to be labelled and packed. Next week I'll do the Bambu 12 in case she can come the following Monday, too. Add to that the textiles that require labels, the tea towels and place mats I cut off the looms that need serging, vacuuming, etc., she will have lots to keep her busy.

Fibres West will be upon us rather quickly. I have already fallen behind in my expectations of what I felt needed to be done but have made progress getting samples spun and knitted. And the 2/20 silk yarn is all dyed, too. In the end, the festival will come whether I'm ready or not, so I'll just keep plugging along while waiting for phone calls from two different specialists' offices for appointments.

It appears that 2010 is going to be devoted to fixing my body. While I'm grateful to be living here and now where there are medical treatments for both issues, I can't help feeling that my body is letting the side down much too soon. :( Not to mention I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I like being my age (59 going on 60 in case you were interested). I like having a life times worth of experience to draw on. I like the skills I've acquired over my career in weaving. I like the perspective all of this gives me.

I don't like having my body break down. Especially when I still feel like I'm young - or at least young at heart?

Now I'm over the initial shock of hearing what I expected to hear but not wanting to hear it, I'm determined to get everything dealt with so that I can continue to weave after surgery, if it should be necessary. The last two years it's just been one thing after another - but - and it's a big but - 40 years ago there were no treatments. And now there are.

We've come a long way, baby. :D

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Sandra Rude said...

Just remember, there's life after surgery. I'm living proof, 10 years after a double bypass. You'll get through it!

Laura said...

Thanks Sandra - I won't know anything for sure until I see the specialist - but I'm planning for the 'worst' and hoping for the 'best'. If nothing else, surgery would finally fix a long standing problem that's gotten worse over the last two years - and that has to be A Good Thing! :)


Sharon Schulze said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Laura.

When my father had bypass surgery we were astonished at how quickly he healed. Turns out that heart trouble denies oxygen to the body and oxygen is critical to healing. So when the heart is fixed up the healing - and accompanying improved energy and feeling - is rapid. It would be better to not have to go through surgery but there is such reason to hope that the surgery can also create miraculous differences. I hold out that hope for rapid improvement (whatever happens) for you.

Linda said...

I just finished that book, it was great!