Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just cut the red scarves off the loom and it's a perfect example of the principle that value is more important than hue.

Each of these scarves was woven with a different weft colour, but all of them were about the same value.

From left to right the weft colours are:
burgundy, kelp, black and chocolate

Not a totally fair comparison of course because none of the scarves have exactly the same colours in the warp, but interesting nonetheless. I think you can see that the black weft scarf has the purest/brightest colours - the rest are a bit softer in appearance.

When I'm weaving a painted warp like this, I try to match the weft colour (hue) to the dominant look of the warp. Therefore the bit that had the most of a dark olive green got the kelp. The bit that had a dark brownish purple got the chocolate.

Having such a lively red on the loom was very happy making. :)


Valerie said...

I can see that "happy making"! Such warm looking scarves.

Sharon said...

Off topic, but I've meant to tell you how much I appreciate all the teaching you do through your blog. I did watch your videos and have since incorporated the backward rock when pulling the beater bar - awkward at first. I didn't know why I was doing it, other than - you said so. I've discovered that it lets me weave for so much longer. Thanks for sharing that!

Laura said...

On such dreary days as we've been having, brilliant colour helps to get through them. :)

Glad to hear the rocking is helping. :D I didn't really know I was doing it myself until someone pointed it out to me. It just felt natural.