Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Milestone - sort of

It's been a long road but I am at the very end of the tunnel - not quite out of it - yet - but nearly.

The intended print run for Magic was 1000 copies.  When I ran into some technical issues I capped that at 900, plus 100 abridged copies.  The complete copies are all gone and the abridged copies are just about gone, too.  Technically I have one abridged copy left - in reality there are two.  I was going to keep one, but I have a complete copy so keeping an abridged copy seems...redundant.

There are also a couple of sample packets left - 3 of the supplemental samples for Magic and 2 of the sample packets I put together for CD Weaver III.

Since I also have a few more CD Weaver cd's, anyone who wants the cd plus sample packet can email me (laura at laurafry dot com).  Once these are gone, there will be no more.

On the other hand, the next publication with samples is still on track.  The yarn for sample/project #7 should be here by the end of the week.  Shall I commit to a July 9 publication date?  Again, email me if you are interested.  This publication will be called A Good Yarn:  Cotton.  It will discuss the fibre characteristics of cotton, how preparing it for and spinning it will affect those characteristics, and how weaving the yarn will further affect the characteristics in the cloth.  I'm aiming for 10 projects (yes, there will be before and after finished samples - how could I not?).  The print run will be 150.  The publication will come in loose page format, partly to keep the cost of publication down, but also to keep shipping costs down.  Why pay to ship a heavy binder when most people can get their hands on a 3 ring binder?  With the costs of shipping increasing amost daily, it is probably cheaper to buy a binder locally than have me ship one!

Again, once these 150 copies are gone there will be no more.  If demand warrants it, I might possibly go digital with it but since digital Magic hasn't exactly been flying off the shelves it seems like a waste of time, energy and money to keep going that direction.

There are very good reasons to produce publications digitally, but others seem to have that market sewn up and since I am primarly a weaver, seems like I ought to stick with what I do best - and already have the equipment for since producing Magic.  :)

PS - for those of you who have Magic or other of my publications and want to be supportive, I can always use a little 'word of mouth'.  I know I am on the internet a lot and people might not think I need any help with getting the word out, but not everyone is on the internet and self-promotion is always a little....suspect?  To be taken with a grain of salt?


Klara said...

Just an idea from Europe (I don't know whether you have any buyers over here - not me as I dislike cotton): We have 2- or 4-ring binders (never seen one with 3) and probably every household has the tool to punch 2 holes. I don't know whether the holes on a sheet for a 3-ring binder will line up with a 2-hole binder. It might be easiest to leave out the holes altogether and have the buyers punch as many holes as needed and where they are needed...

Laura said...

Hi Klara,

The card stock is already drilled with 3 holes - left over from Magic. :)