Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knowledge and Confidence

Rather messy looking?  Yes, but after only a few minutes....(as in less than 5)

the loops are untangled and the warp is ready to be beamed.  Knowing that the mess is really not much of a mess makes tackling it less traumatic.  Also knowing that a thread under tension is a thread under control means that there is less trepidation when beaming a warp, even one of 2/16 cotton at 32 epi, 13 meters long like this one.

The warp is 24.5 inches wide (or so) and it was wound in two sections.  Each section is weighed with its own weight.  The warp took less than 45 minutes to beam, including stops for phone calls and setting a bunch of wool skeins into the washing machine to soak for the upcoming dye day tomorrow.

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Sue said...

you make it look so easy...

Laura Fry said...

It is, really, so long as you don't let yourself get intimidated. :)

Knowing that you *can* handle it means feeling more confident. And the more confident, the fewer problems. Hopefully. :)


Eleanor Morgan said...

My ceiling is very high and has quite a pitch. A rod attached to it is not an option, BUT a wide metal garment rack with sandbags on the bottom works splendidly. Once I have beamed my warp, I just take it apart and stow it away.