Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Post

Rhonda was a student in 2011 at the John C. Campbell Folk School and recently emailed me:

Hi Laura,

I wanted to show you the paraments I made for our church. It wouldn't have been possible without the 'fast weaving' skills I learned from you last year. And I amazed my friends and first weaving instructor by saying that I did NOT have to fuss with the edges - there wasn't enough time! I did the whole project in just over 2 weeks, finishing the banner at 3am Ash Wednesday. Fortunately, I have all summer to make another set for Advent.

Although I don't have a photo of the full altar piece, it's 4" x 102" attached (by hand) to a 'ground cloth' that covers the altar. It's solid purple except for the detail at either end. The color varies in these photos - the pieces are Amethyst with Gold accents, all 8/2 Tencel from WEBS (30 epi). The most accurate color is in the pulpit photo.

As the trauma of the short deadline begins to fade, I can enjoy them more. (The priest is delighted with them.) I used Brooks Bouquet for the lace, and people are amazed -- "how did you get all those little crosses in the windows?" Ha ha - that was an unexpected 'design feature!'

Thanks for continuing to pass on your experience and knowledge.

Happy weaving!