Sunday, April 8, 2012


woven towels being cut apart and serged for wet finishing on the table and the roll of yardage for samples on the beam below

As I was finishing off the yardage for project #6 for the Big Project I started thinking about things like mentoring and offering/receiving assistance.

Quite frankly, without the help of my friends, Magic in the Water would have been a very different project.  Yes, I could have done it all by myself, but it would have taken twice as long and cost twice as much.  Accepting help in the form of weaving, sewing, dyeing, equipment loans, photography, assembly, all of that made Magic what it was.  It was my vision but I did not have the conceit (if you will) that I, personally, had to do everything associated with the realization of my dream. 

On the other hand, there have been times when I have offered similar help for projects or to mentor a new weaver and been turned down.  I've been told that a) they were intellegent enough they could figure it out on their own, or b) that some little voice inside their head said that they had to do everything themselves or it would not be theirs.  (I'm paraphrasing here, but that was the message I took from the conversations.)

What I have come to understand is that offering someone in the throes of a Big Project is a gift of love.  The person is offering their most precious possessions - their time and their knowledge.

But I have also learned that it is the right of the person being offered that gift to refuse it.  They are on their own journey and it is up to them to accept or refuse assistance. 

Perhaps my lesson to be learned in these interactions is that a refusal of my time and knowledge is not a refusal of me.  It is one reason I write this blog and answer questions on chat groups - I can offer my experience/knowledge and people will either accept it or ignore it.  Either way, it's their choice.  :)

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