Monday, April 16, 2012

Warping Valet Details

bamboo blind coming off the warp beam - pile of them below

one end of rod affixed to ceiling - rod sits in groove in plastic

entire length of warping valet showing both brackets

Someone asked on my You Tube channel if they could see the bamboo blinds and how the rod was attached to the ceiling.

So here they are.

There are all sorts of ways a rod can be suspended from the ceiling.  I've seen anchors put into the ceiling with chains and hooks and the rod is suspended from those.  It doesn't really matter how high your ceiling as the chains (if you go that route) can just be made long enough for you to reach the bar.  Of course a really high ceiling might not work all that well in which case other strategies might be called upon. 

The point is to be able to suspend the warp chain so that you can groom a longer length and roll that longer length onto the beam in one operation rather than much shorter chunks.  Keeping the warp under tension can be done any number of ways.

If you have a lot of space in front of the loom, you can spread the warp chain out, weight it with books or bricks or what have you, dragging the chain forwards across the floor.  This approach is not recommended in a household with pets who might be inclined to assist you in this task.  :^)

For other strategies, refer to Kati Meek's book Dance With Your Loom.

Remember this simple rule:  A thread under tension is a thread under control.

However you accomplish this is less important than following this simple concept.

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Rich Polinski said...

Thank you so much for posting after I asked about it. Now I "get the picture".

Laura said...

You're welcome. :) I really hate to see people struggling with the craft.

Anonymous said...

Laura, bamboo that is one cool idea...hmmm think I just might try this idea