Monday, August 27, 2012

Fund Raising

From time to time I donate stuff to worthy causes.  My latest has been to do some fund raising for Weavolution, a social networking site for weavers.  They are wanting to initiate some improvements to the website but for that they need some hard cash.

Over the summer I've run a series of auctions - things donated by generous people - hand spun yarns, hand woven textiles.  Since I begin travelling again in September, I've decided to wrap up the current round of auctions by finally letting go of the very last complete copy of Magic in the Water; wet finishing handwovens.

I kept one copy in reserve in case I had to deconstruct it to make the digital version, but in the end it was not necessary and so - ta-Dah! - here it is.

The auction is taking place on the Chat forum of Weavolution.  While I don't think you have to be a member of Weavo to post there, it's free so if you don't belong you might like to visit and join.

The auction ends at 7 pm September 1 Pacific Time Zone.  The shipping is also being donated so all funds bid on the book will go directly to web site improvements.

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