Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

waiting for dryer, winding spools for next warp - Diversified Plain Weave with bamboo and rayon chenille

finished scarf

When a piece of grit gets into an oyster shell, in order to protect itself the oyster exudes a protective layer to cover the grit.  As time passes, the oyster builds up layer after layer of this protective coating to create a pearl.

Which is why I really like the phrase "pearls of wisdom".

Knowledge is built up of layers of practical experience and theory that the practitioner then attempts to bring into reality.  Sometimes the theory is correct, sometimes, well, not so much.  But as each attempt to create something comes to fruition more knowledge is gained and the practitioner can make a more educated guess as to how something that is theoretically possible may actually work the way they want it to.

It was with a certain air of arrogance then that I went ahead and wove all the samples for AGY: Rayon using a yarn I'd never actually encountered before.  I hope I don't sound vain but suitably grateful that the finished cloth is every bit as nice as I hoped it would be.  So much so that I am going to order in more of the yarn in different colours in hopes that I can do a short run of the new scarf for the shows in November.

The textured rayon is hand dyed, and as such I anticipated that there would be fugitive dye during wet finishing.  Rinse, rinse, rinse until the water came clear.  Then into the dryer until damp and because I didn't feel like firing up Puff, hand hard pressing to finish it off.  I'll trim the fringes (don't personally like the fuzzy bits at the ends of the knots) and the scarf will be done.

The photo doesn't show the lovely sheen the cloth has.  It is light and airy and feels like butter.

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