Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Three Warps

Well, here they are - the last of the soy protein warps.  This time I really do think that this is the end of the yarn.  If I find any more it will likely get tossed into my "Good Cause" knitting box because I am so done with this!

It was an interesting experience - figuring out how to import yarn from China (and how to pay for it), skeining it off, dyeing it, coning it (mostly) and selling it.  But in terms of stash reduction, it seemed to me that it was time it got used up and it was a quick way to get a line of scarves ready for the fall sales.

Today I mailed a couple dozen to my friend for the first sale of the season.  I will bring more with me when I go down for the show along with some tea towels.  I generally bring tea towels as a hostess gift when I'm teaching, anyway, so that works.

I've set the chosen weft yarns out beside the warps.  Note that in this entire run of scarves the dark blue/black warp will be the very first one I actually use a black weft.  The other colour is a very dark not-quite-solid somewhat blued green.  Remember that it isn't the colour but the value that means whether something will work or not.

In terms of stash reduction this has been a pretty good success - one and a half boxes of soy protein gone and bits and pieces, odds and ends of Bambu 12 and 10/2 Tencel were used up.

Unfortunately I still have way too much 10/2 Tencel but at least I have seen a significant decrease and that is A Very Good Thing.  :)  My goal is to free up enough shelf space to empty some of the boxes of yarn still living on the floor.  Mostly I remember what's in them, but sometimes I forget so it would be good to have the yarn shelved rather than boxed up.

Have also been number crunching for AGY: Rayon and as soon as the soy scarves are done the first warp will go into the small loom.  Still have tea towels on the big loom to do, too, so I expect I'll alternate between the two until the towels get done.  I'm needing a break from knitting so some hand hemming sounds like a good thing to get ready.

And my treatment got postponed until next week.  After discussing my travel committments with the doctor we juggled dates so that my treatments will now fall in between trips instead of during them requiring juggling to fit them in.

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Sandra Rude said...

I hope those treatments are as side-effect-free as advertised.42

The latest warps should be stunning.

Laura Fry said...

They are. :). I bring a good book and enjoy about three hours of uninterrupted reading. Then it's back to life as usual.

Laura said...

Glad to hear you have arranged your treatments to fit your schedule! And the new warps are outstanding. I can't wait to see the final results!

I'm playing with a warping valet, and if you have time, would appreciate your comments. I've described the process here:

I so appreciate your videos (when I watch them - I should watch them more often!!!), and your generous sharing of your vast knowledge.

I want to be you (as a weaver) when I grow up!!