Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long and Winding Road

There won't likely be much to update on the blog for a while because I've started on the curtain yardage.  Initially I thought 10 yards would be enough but I may decide to do more as the warp is on the narrow side and I may need more panels than originally calculated.  I may wind up weaving 15 yards, which means a lot fewer tea towels than planned.  Oh well.  I've got more yarn!

My student has had a busy (almost) 3 days.  Day 1 she practiced for a while, then wove off a tea towel.  Sent her home with homework (design stripes using the Fibonacci sequence for proportions).  Day 2 she wound a scarf warp, we dressed the loom together and then she wove off most of the scarf, returning at 8:30 am this morning to finish weaving.

Last night her homework was to design a rayon chenille scarf warp using the colours she selected from my stash and after clearing the loom of the Tencel/bamboo scarf, she wound her warp and beamed it with supervision.  She's just now finished threading (160 ends in one hour) and is starting to sley.  She is hoping to weave the scarf today, but whatever she doesn't get done will be finished tomorrow.

In between shuffling paperwork, ordering more yarn for next year, dealing with teaching contracts, flat tire and miscellaneous other distractions I have woven almost two yards.  At 32 ppi, this warp is going to take a while to get off the loom.  Lots of play time!

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terri said...

I love your curtain fabric!

I was wondering--do you have a preferred method for joining the panels to make the curtain wide enough?

Laura Fry said...

I just sew them on the machine.