Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Mystery

We have another mystery, this time it's trying to identify a couple of wooden 'tools' from a woodworker's stash.

We have no clue as to their use.  On the back side there is a hole, obviously meant for hanging on the wall.  They are identical.  We thought at first they were a pair, but the shaping on the upright piece is the same, so not meant to face each other but used individually?  About 18" long over all.

Anyone have suggestions?

The white things at the top are little price stickers with no information on them.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is the hook piece is not centered and the woodworking is done with great care so I am sure that is not an error.

I would use them as hooks from which to hang a freshly washed handspun skein with a weight hanging from the lower loop of the yarn. There are two because (s)he believed there might be a market for them?


Laura Fry said...

Yes they are well made, nicely finished. Don was an engineer so the off set placement is not likely to be an error. They may have nothing to do with textiles as he made household items as well. Unfortunately he is no longer able to tell us. :(


Laritza Rodriguez said...

I think they are tailor's clappers.

Sandra Rude said...

Mike the woodturner says they look like hangers for stuff like saws. There are two because what woodworker has only one saw/other-tool-that-needs-hanging? (Just like what weaver only has one loom, or what spinner only one wheel?)

Sue O said...

SaI also thought of tailor's clappers. I remember my Aunt having one that she always used when setting creases down the front of my Uncle's pants.

Sue O

Laura said...

You could mount weaving on them - with a casing and a slat or dowel, which would sit in the "hook" part, mounted to a wall.