Friday, February 28, 2014

Short Month

Who ever made February the shortest month surely knew that they were doing A Good Thing!

Our current cold snap is turning into a much longer ssssssnnnaaaapppp than one would hope, with cold temps forecast into the first week of March.  Spring does not seem anywhere near round the corner!

The days are much longer and with this cold weather we have been having gloriously sunny days.  Frankly I much prefer this to...spring breakup.  But the other side of that bit of nastiness is, ta-DAH! - Spring!

I did not make as much progress this month as I'd hoped.  Niggling heath issues meant it became a high maintenance month with lots of appointments to doctors, labs, chiropractor, etc.  But things seem to be settling down now so it's all good.

This warp is for a special order - maybe.  I've been working with a designer for over a year now, trying to find a good fit with what I want to do and what she thinks she can sell.

If she doesn't find this a good match, I will simply add it to inventory and carry on.

Although I didn't take a photo of it, I am finding that a temple is necessary, which is somewhat slower than without, but is giving me a better 'quality' of cloth.  So, since it is necessary, I use it.

Currently reading Reserved for the Cat by Mercedes Lackey.  Although it is part of a series, you don't have to read the titles in order as they are stand alone novels set in the same 'universe' - Victorian England.  This one intrigued me especially because the central character is a ballet dancer.  She has another in the series featuring a dancer, too.  I'm pretty sure the author must have at least taken ballet lessons at some point in her life.  :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I have an AVL, too, but instead of a temple I use a "Signe's Width Holder". Have you tried one of these instead of a temple? I really like mine and am happy with the results. I've never used a temple so ... it sure seems a lot easier than a temple. Sherry at I really would like your opinion on this.

Laura Fry said...

No I haven't tried the width holder although I know lots of people like them.