Monday, February 17, 2014

Tired, Not Bored

I can't say I get bored, but I do get tired.  Bottom line is, I'm tired of doing these towels.  The first couple warps were interesting as I pursued a new design, but I'm anxious to get cracking on the Big Project samples and these last few warps are becoming a bit of a roadblock as I hunker down to just get them done.

Add to that my lower back went into spasm yesterday and weaving isn't much fun at the minute.  I had a massage appointment already booked for tomorrow but a quick phone call to the chiropractor revealed that they had no openings until Wed.

So I am very gingerly weaving.  Instead of doing two towels a session, I decided this morning to just do one, then take a break.  The slower I go means the longer it will take to clear the rose, blue, then the final (halleluljah!) red warp off my schedule so that I can carry on with the planning and executing of the BP samples.

I am not a patient person.  Being at less than my best physically is annoying.  Having that physical hurdle preventing me from charging through these last three warps?  Beyond irritating.  But the fact is I can't weave at my usual pace so I'm just going to have to deal with the fact that it will be next week before I can start the samples.  Hopefully by then my back will be much happier!


MegWeaves said...

Gosh, darn. But you were going at a very high pace. You are human after all. Take care of the body, as one tends to need such things as backs and arms to weave. Unless you want a factory instead.

Laura Fry said...

Indeed. No weaver, no weaving happening. :-/

Sandra Rude said...

I occasionally resort to a neoprene back brace, which serves to remind me to keep my posture correct and take breaks frequently. Take care of that back - you've only got one...