Friday, February 21, 2014

Tunnel's End

I was going to title this post Deja Vu or something because it feels as though I've been stuck in some sort of weaverly Ground Hog's Day, the only thing changing being the colour of the current warp.

But once the red one is done, this series of towels is also done!  I am anxious to move on to something else as critical deadlines are going, well, critical...

I have decided to go ahead and sell the warping mill.  It is a Glimakra, quite large, and it doesn't fold.  It's very cramped in my studio so it needs to find a more welcoming home - one with enough space that it can stay 'open' all the time.  It can be taken apart, but it's a bit of a fiddle to do it and really needs two pair of hands to do it comfortably.  I'm not sure how long a warp can be wound on it.  I've been doing about 15 meters using only the upper part so it could probably do 30 without too much difficulty.  Each side is about 30" and it stands about 5 feet tall.

It's a dream to wind warps on, rotates at the barest touch of a finger, quiet and smooth.

If someone is interested, we could deliver it in March to Fibres West (in Cloverdale, BC) or to Olds for the Fibre Festival there in June.

If it doesn't sell by the end of June, I will consider shipping it elsewhere in Canada.

We also have a brand new, never-been-used, never taken out of the box (other than to be inspected by Doug, near as we can tell) Leclerc warping board that will wind warps up to 21 yards.  Again, we could deliver to either fibre festival.  According to the Leclerc website the board measures 22 3/4" by 64".

Price for the mill is $250, for the board $100.  Shipping to elsewhere than the above mentioned locations would be extra.

Just finished reading Back of Beyond by C. J. Box and started Jacqueline Winspear's latest Leaving Everything Most Loved

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