Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Onwards We Go

The past few days have been spent on some forward planning (as the saying goes).

After sorting through all the yarn and selecting that which we would try to sell at Fibres West Doug has spent the last few days breaking the large mill cones down into smaller quantities.  I have an industrial cone winder so this is fairly painless, if somewhat boring, but makes nice tidy cones all of approximately the same size.  Much easier to price when they are all within the same weight, plus or minus.

I also mailed my application to Circle Craft for their craft fair in November.  Breath held, fingers crossed, etc., that all goes well with that.  It's a significant investment in terms of cash outlay with no guarantee of selling enough to recoup the expenses of doing the show, never mind getting paid more than a few pennies per hour on my labour.  :-/

But I make way more than I can possibly use or gift, so selling is required.  Even if it is just cash flow that allows me to keep on weaving...besides, I have this stash that doesn't seem to ever diminish...

I also received an invitation to teach in the Seattle area and since I'm booked there in April of next year I suggested tagging on to that trip.  We'll see if that works out or not.

The thing is, there are no guarantees.  Workshops fail to fill.  Books fail to sell.  (Anyone want A Good Yarn: Rayon?  Got lots.)  Shows fail to bring in enough customers who want to buy your stuff.

But I can't do anything else than what I do.  Weave.  Write about it.  Teach it.

Fingers crossed. 


wonderous woolerie said...

Laura, you are an inspiration in my studio every day - not that that puts butter on your bread I know, but you are often in my thoughts and I tell the students that come here about you, and your weaving, your blog and your workshops....and also remind them, that no matter how beautiful their weaving is the moment they take it off the loom, it will be more magnificent still once they have given it a wet treatment in the sink or (uh oh) in the washer dryer and a good press...... thank you! Pia

Laura Fry said...

Nice to hear from you Pia. Hopefully some day I will make it back to NS and NL. I'd love to see L'anse aux Meadeaux (sp?)


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

As a total newbie to the craft, I have enjoyed every post of yours since I began weaving last summer. You are inspiring me to greater creativity and for that I thank you.

I would love to buy a piece or two of your weavings. Is that possible without traveling to a show? I live in the SF Bay Area.

Laura Fry said...

Email me laura at laurafry dot com

I sell direct these days. :)

wonderous woolerie said...

Laura, I do hope you come out here to the east coast again some day, even if it is 'only' for vacation time. L'Anse au Meadows is wonderful. beautiful setting, breathtaking nature and at least when I was there the people working at the historic site were quite a story by themselves, big viking personalities that brought the place and the houses to life. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will go there one day. Pia