Saturday, March 1, 2014

Critical Condition

With the arrival of March, my next crop of deadlines has just gone 'critical'.

Doug is winding the box of skeins on the floor onto cones so that I can weave samples with them.  He is also winding pirns to be woven on the AVL lurking in the background.

In the foreground, I am winding warps for the beginning weaving class in two weeks.  Got all four done and will start dressing the looms on Tuesday.

Now that those warps are ready and Doug has enough cones for me to wind warps, in no particular order:

Supplemental samples for Handwoven 'experiment'
Sample for study group
Samples for the Big Project.  At last count 8 warps.  Some of them can be done from existing warps (painted scarf warps), but the rest all have to be done from scratch as it were.  Since there will be several wool or mohair warps, those first have to be coned off.  Lots of prep work before I even get to the weaving.

Sometime in there I have to finish the 20 yards on the AVL for delivery mid-April.

Also somewhere in there, preparations for Fibres West following hard on the heels of the weaving class.

And then in April, the workshop in Tacoma, plus 3 guild presentations in three not-exactly-close locations.  And then...and then...the Big Project.  I am going to be so glad to see May 9 when the BP - or at least my part in it - is done.  May 9 also happens to be our wedding anniversary *and* the anniversary of my angioplasty.  Sounds like a day to celebrate!.

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Peg Cherre said...

Whew! I'm overwhelmed just hearing it all!

Be sure to breathe, to take time to enjoy life and Doug.