Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

Never did remember to take photos once the show started.  It was quite busy on Friday, not so much today.

We came down with the van loaded to the roof liner.  It isn't quite so full going home.   Of course I just had to buy a little stuff my own self!  Since I once again have a spinning wheel, it seemed reasonable to buy some fibre to spin on it. ;)   I got three lovely batts from one vendor, then succumbed to the clouds of cashmere at another booth.

It was lovely to talk to the attendees and other vendors.  So nice to meet old and new fibre friends.  At times I feel as though I live a very long way from most other people.  That's probably because I do!  So getting together with and talking to other fibre/fabric fans always feels like such a treat.

But I will be back in the area again in about three weeks. I wonder if that's too soon to see some textiles made from yarn bought at Fibres West this weekend?

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