Sunday, March 2, 2014


This morning I went back to the warping board to start winding warps for the Big Project.  Unfortunately the long spell of cold weather (from -20 to -30C) means that the relative humidity has plummeted.  When the cotton developed static electricity during winding I carried on, gritting my teeth.

Thankfully I was able to get the short warp (5 meters) wound without too much tooth loss, and happily switched to the wool.  But even the wool became unruly with static!

Finally admitting defeat I set the humidifier up to try to raise the humidity level in the studio before tackling the silk.

While that is going on, I'm going to try to get my ledger up-to-date.  It's getting woefully behind and the end of this month I have to remit federal sales tax so I'll need to have everything caught up by then anyway.


mmhaber said...

When I work with fine silk, I always have a can of Static Guard at the ready. This has been a terribly dry winter, hasn't it?

Laura Fry said...

I just use water. My allergies aren't fond of the Static Guard, although I will use it at times.

Winter just seems to have settled in to stay. It's snowing now and cold temps are predicted here until Friday - when it looks like we will get a taste of spring 'break up'.