Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Little Pretty

What with one thing and another, a little blast of 'pretty' was very welcome today.

I had intended to take photos of the class and some of the things they accomplished over the two days but once I'm in teaching mode, I'm not in blogging mode, I guess.  Long story short I forgot all about it the instant I walked into the room.

While my fall earlier this week could have been significantly worse than it was, I think I bruised my tailbone so the low grade pain I've been experiencing has sucked the energy out of me.  In combination with spring break up, grey dreary skies most days, a funeral...well, life kind of happened, never mind my plans.

I love the brilliant jewel tone palette, so after dinner while Doug started loading the van I went to the loom and wove the first scarf on this warp.

The big advantage to the samples for the Big Project is that I can simply use some of my standard production.  For the rest, I can stash bust.

It's all good.

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