Thursday, March 6, 2014

Leaning Tower

Part of the challenge of weaving for an income is just how much work it actually is when done on a 'large' scale.

Weaving aside, because the actual shuttle throwing is only a very small part of the process, there is a great deal that is required once the threads are interlaced.

While I may be known for my pithy comment than it isn't finished until it's wet finished, that is easier said than done.

Because even once the wet finishing is done, there is still more required.

Once the warp/web has been cut from the loom there is (for tea towels and place mats) the cutting apart and serging.  Then a trip through the washing machine and dryer.  Once that is done, off to Puff (the industrial steam press) for the initial hard press.

Then the bucket of textiles comes home where it resides on the sofa beside me and I try to do a little hemming each evening.

After hemming, they go back to Puff for a finishing press.

But lo, we still aren't done!

Labels with care instructions have to be printed out and affixed to the care tags.  Then the tags get attached to the textile along with the price.

And then - finally! - the piece is ready to be sold.

Doug has been very busy doing the pressing and so I am now faced with five buckets of textiles piled up behind the love seat.  The stack will topple over soon if I don't deal with it, so that appears to be the next task that has gone critical.

PS - anyone who wants to buy from me can email me at laura at laurafry dot com and let me know what they are interested in.  If I have something appropriate in stock I can send photos of what I have on hand...

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