Tuesday, March 18, 2014


next warp with scratch notes, draft and yarn ready for warp winding

Making slow but steady progress, next up is a linen sample for the Big Project.

In many cases I have been able to combine my 'sampling' with ordinary production.  But I don't normally weave a lot of 100% linen fabric so this one is going to be purely for project/teaching purposes.

This is some of the lime green linen Lynn had in her stash.  Although the colour doesn't do a lot for me, in terms of learning?  The colour really doesn't matter much.  It is also a very good quality of linen, probably dating from the 70's, given the shade of lime green.  But much too nice to not use, so it will go into the mix for the BP.

I've been running the humidifier steadily for some time now but it is still fairly cold and the relative humidity 'low' for linen (52%).  But I'm hoping that if I can get it wound and beamed today by the time we get home next week things will have improved in the relative humidity department and it will weave off nicely.

If it is still too 'dry', I also have the rest of the warp on the AVL to get finished, so one way or another I'm going to have to jump right onto my production as soon as I finish some personal 'maintenance' appointments on Monday and Tuesday.  By then my butt should be better too.  At least the posture required for weaving doesn't put any stress on my tailbone, so I've been able to weave quite comfortably.


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

hmm: "Although the colour doesn't do a lot for me, in terms of learning?"

You might get surprised yet... once I had a warp of (as usual) several shades of red, and ONE of them kept breaking... That warp ended up as rep weft. And yes, it was a "prime" linen 16/1 (at least the price was)

Lime should be a safer colour, though :-)

Laura Fry said...

This yarn is a plied yarn so I'm feeling fairly confident it should behave. If not, I'll try some other linen yarn. :)
who has noticed lime green seems to be coming back into 'fashion'...