Friday, April 3, 2015

Count Down

Colour isn't accurate as it looks more pink than it really is.  The warp is a deep scarlet red, the weft a darker, browner red.  It looks very magenta on the bobbin in the shuttle.\

I've woven enough warps now, which are in various stages of 'finishing' that it's getting harder to keep track of the woven ones, and much easier to see how many warps are left.

So I'm now officially counting down from 18.  This is #13 on the countdown.

There are three more warps to be wound, all of them various shades of coral reds.  There are a few cones that are going to be left over - not enough of any one colour to make another warp.  They will go into my knitting stash.

Seems like there is no end of yarns that are too much to throw away, too little to weave with.  I bundle strands together and knit with them.  But knitting is so much slooooower than weaving, it seems like I've got the same sort of problem with the knitting as I do with the weaving!  Too much yarn for the time available.

That said, I need to put in a yarn order.  I know.  Hardly seems credible that I would with one breath complain I have too much yarn and with the very next say I need to order more.  But it's true.  For a good deal of the yarn I have on hand, I need to order more yarn in in order to use it up.

And that's why my stash never seems to grow smaller!

Currently reading (after binge reading to finish the C. J. Box this morning)  Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

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