Sunday, April 5, 2015

Creative Constraints

One of the purposes of this shawl run - other than to increase my inventory of shawls, of course - is to use up this textured silk yarn.

Each warp takes four cones (four oz each), then each shawl takes one cone for weft.

I was getting down to the dregs when I wound this warp.  I had two cones of the same terracotta semi-solid, plus two cones that had the same terracotta, but different shades of grey.  I agonized over it for a while, then decided that it didn't matter if one side of the shawl had a lighter shade than the other.  In fact, a customer might like the wearing options this would create.  By folding or twisting the shawl, it would have a different look to it.

So I went ahead and wound the warp using up the two co-ordinated but slightly different variegated yarns.  I actually think it's going to look just fine.

The blue is 'waste' yarn that will hold the yarns in place until I can get the knots tied.

Just two more warps to wind.  The first batch of shawls are being wet finished today and Doug will start pressing tomorrow.

I had hoped to weave all three shawls today but after a busy day yesterday I'm coming up short for energy.  Perhaps I'll settle for two woven, one warp wound...


Peg Cherre said...

I have no problem with different colors in the warp. The weft is a different story. Unless I can plan it really well before I start, I don't like more than 1 color weft. (Excluding things like plaids and other planned designs, of course.) Running out of a weft color before I finish a piece - doesn't happen often but it just makes me crazy when it does!

Laura Fry said...

I agree Peg. Several of these shawl warps have 'funky' warp colours happening. And I find I'm quite ok with that. Each shawl uses up one complete skein, so no worries there. :)