Monday, April 27, 2015

Time Flies

It seems a long time ago Kerstin and I were wending our way through the north of England and southern Scotland visiting every textile mill we could find.  This photo is from Masson Mill and shows the rather large warp winding beam used by industry.

But really, it was only - what - 2 years ago?  So much has happened since then...

I don't know how much traveling I will be doing in the future.  Cutting back my teaching schedule means that I will be staying much closer to home.  On the other hand, I have made so many friends across the border I would really like to go visit some of them, some of the time.

So today I went and bought a one year travel medical insurance policy.  I leave the province just often enough that it felt like it was going to be a lot more convenient to buy it by the year than to have to remember to go in for each and every trip, especially when some of the trips are less than a week in duration.

Friends in Florida has issued a standing invitation to visit them during the winter, which after last winter is looking especially attractive.  And of course there is Kerstin in Sweden, although that seems like an awfully long way to go with a back and hip that don't tolerate sitting for hours and hours very well anymore.  I don't know if I will be able to drive long distances, either.  But having the insurance policy is my optimistic vote that I will get to go somewhere, that my traveling days are not entirely history.  Yet.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you in the sunshine again Laura asap

Sandra Rude said...

...and there's always California, which is closer than either Florida or Sweden! Come play on the jacquard loom?

Laura Fry said...

So very tempting! :D

Esther said...

I'm interested to read that you toured weaving mills in the UK including Scotland. My daughter is a newly graduated weaver and we're planning a trip to Harris in Scotland to see some traditional weaving. Where else would you recommend for us to visit whilst we're up there? Any suggestions much appreciated. Thank you.

Laura Fry said...

There are a number of mills, probably the one that is a not-to-be-missed is the one at Styal. Then there is Paradise Mill, town not remembered. Probably more details on my blog as I posted updates during the trip in May 2013.