Monday, April 13, 2015


The colours in this photo are pretty true to life on my monitor.  The warp is a coral and kind of brick red, the weft a sort of pumpkin orange with a fairly bright yellow.  Not too much yellow because a little yellow goes a long way.

Let me be perfectly clear.  Orange appears in my personal colour where.  It's not my choice of colours.  It doesn't sing to me.  At all.

But that doesn't stop me from weaving with it.  Why?  Because although I only weave stuff I want to, I'm not weaving textiles exclusively for my use.

So I weave with orange and yellow and brown and all sorts of shades of beige, not because I want those textiles for myself but because I enjoy weaving and I enjoy making things that other people like and want in their lives.

So I weave with these colours and do my level best to make them as beautiful...and as I possibly can.  By selling my textiles I can afford to buy more yarn.  More yarn means I can weave more stuff.

And every time I push myself to work with those colours that don't sing to me?  I learn.  I learn more about how colours go together, which ones will play nicely, and which ones don't.

I had about 4 cones of this textured yarn in various colours that got put with different warps several times as I mulled over which of these 'odd' colours were going to be able to be used with the warps I had wound.  I think this single orange skein/cone got moved to four different warps before I finally decided that this warp was the one it would play nicely with.

In the end I'm satisfied I made the correct choice.  Now if the other dubious cones play as nicely with their assigned warps, I will be truly happy.


lovethosehandsathome said...

You make great points here--I needed to read them! I really avoid colors I don't personally like and I could learn a lot, I think, by pushing past that!

Louisa said...

Just send all your orange my way! It's my favourite colour. Pumpkin, rust, brick, terracotta - all delicious. My most hated colour? Pink. Bleh. Yes, I've worked with it in spite of my dislike. I have granddaughters! Though I do like hot pink with... orange. So tropical. There's always a way to make it work, right?

Laura Fry said...

Every colour is beautiful on its own way. Just like people. ;). Part of the challenge with this yarn is that I'm trying to use it up...without buying more! In some cases I have had to push to find combinations that enhance each other. And that's A Good Thing. Growing, learning, exploring, keeps me thinking, if nothing else. :)