Saturday, June 27, 2015


We got home yesterday.   The trip had been very tiring, what with one thing and another and we were delighted and even relieved to be home again.

We did the absolute minimum, rested, vegged, generally gathered ourselves together after such a hectic week and a bit.

There was much to reflect on and things to consider.  

There is still almost zero energy, but considering I am just barely five months out from major surgery, AND that we wound up with food poisoning at some point (the joys of travel and eating every meal out) I think I am well on the road to recovery.

I had made the decision that Olds Fibre Week would be our last yarn sale/show so I am very happy to be done with that.   I had approached the college about starting a satellite weaving class here.   Zachary has agreed and I will get a formal proposal to him as soon as the new computer is completely set up.  (Just to add to the general stress level, the old computer was threatening to die.)

The experience of team teaching was good, especially as I wasn't feeling my best.  My co-teacher is young and enthusiastic and I hope we can repeat the experience at some point.  I think the students enjoyed it, too.  

Now that Olds is done, I have just a couple of weeks until company comes.  I'm hoping to tame Clutter Mountain so I won't be embarrassed when she arrives.   I need to weave like the wind to get things ready for the fall sales, so hopefully my energy will begin to return tomorrow.   I am...and I never expected to say this again...thinking about another 'book', this time digital only, no hard copies, no samples.

With less travel in my future I expect to have some time to devote to doing more of what I enjoy and less of what causes me stress.

After a 40 year career, I have earned that benefit.

Although I could not fit hemming into the van I am making good progress and expect to have these towels ready for my annual 'birthday' sale which will run from July 1 to the 9th.  It will be another buy two items, get free shipping.   Hopefully the computer will be back to functioning onTuesday so I can post photos of available items.  Stay tuned!

Just finished The Bellini Card by Jason Goodwin and started The Resistance Man by Martin Walker

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