Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In Praise of Simplicity

After two consecutive warps with threading errors, I decided I needed some instant gratification and a palate cleanser and after many re-thinks eventually settled on a straight draw over 16 shafts.  The tea towels will have a small repeating design rather than a larger one.   I also wound stripes of colours in the warp and wanted those stripes to take a larger role in the design.  A little bit of something for everyone.

I was reminded how much faster threading a straight draw is as I zoomed through the 768 ends in no time.  This morning I sleyed, tied on, generated the treading draft and wove just over one towel, all before lunch.  Happiness!

The colours, although subtle and may not show well in the photo, taken with my iPad, are pleasing to me.  I have several other treading variations to try when I tire of this one.  But in the meantime I'm enjoying the simplicity of this warp.  And I'm using up stash!

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Sandra Rude said...

Sometimes we really need simple, straightforward tasks, if only to refresh our energy after more complex tasks. I know I do!