Tuesday, June 23, 2015


With interest in learning how to weave apparently growing, Olds College has agreed to establish a satellite program to begin next year in Prince George, BC.   We are looking at holding it over the long May weekend.  It would run Sat through Wed.   With Monday a holiday, people who work would only have to book off two days for class time, not a full week.

Details are currently being sorted out as college staff are still dealing with this years Fibre Week so I will post here and on social media as exact information becomes available.

The Prince George guild has a small but fairly well equipped guild room and has some looms available for rent. The guild room is near several motels and restaurants for people coming from out of town.  The town has an airport and is at the intersection of hwy 97 and 16 for those driving.

Stay tuned for further details!


Diana Grimshire said...

How can I get on a list to get notification of this?
D Grimshire

Laura Fry said...

For now, stay tuned here. I will check with the college if they will take a contact list.