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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Know Your Materials

A good crafts person learns as much as possible about their tools and materials as they can.  For weavers this means understanding the inherent characteristics of the fibres they work with and how preparation for, and then spinning them, will affect those characteristics.

One of the things covered in the Olds curriculum is an introduction to the materials being used, but if you can't take a class where this is covered you can find out by doing a search on the Internet, taking my webinar via Interweave, called A Good Yarn, or asking your library for books on fabric science.  Here are just three such books I have in my personal library.  And why I am registered for two spinning workshops next month.  You can never know too much about your materials, imho...


Undomestic Diva said...

I'v recently started spinning my own yarn too :) such fun and a great learning curve :D x

dteaj said...

Fibre Facts by Bette Hochberg is my favorite. Out of print, but still available.

Laura Fry said...

There are lots of books available, I think I have that one, too. :)

People just need to know that they should know this information.


steelwool said...

I purchased the guide to textiles you had mentioned before and I am very pleased with the book. Thank you for the heads up about it. I had not heard of it before and I am pleased that it has been added to my library. I have had the intentional spinner for some time and plan to check out the third title you referenced.