Friday, September 4, 2015

An Eye For Detail

One of the things that comes with experience is a trained eye.  An eye that will pick out inconsistencies quickly, sometimes even as they are happening, so that whatever is going 'wrong' can be fixed.  

This is something that really has to be experienced.  While inconsistencies can be pointed out after the fact, a weaver truly becomes skilled when s/he sees them immediately so that corrective measures can be taken. 

It only takes changing one thing and suddenly changes need to be made.  Just going from 22" to 30" in width means I am having to modify my shuttle throwing.  Not a lot, and not all the time, but the rhythm of weaving action is different.  

Beginners sometimes think that once they know The Secret, everything will be 'perfect'.  I'm here to say that day will never come!   Training your eye to see the little details will help to overcome all the imperfections that exist and bring you closer to your goal.  

Even though these towels are far from perfect and presented some technical challenges, I am satisfied to affix my name to them and have them in my booth come October. 


Sandra Rude said...

They're beautiful! Love the colors...

(and I agree, nothing is every "perfect" but one can get better at approaching "perfect" more closely and with less effort - but it takes paying constant close attention to details.)

FiberJunky said...
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FiberJunky said...

If learning "the secret" was all it took for perfection, I'd be bored to death within a week. It's the never ending challenge of weaving that brings me back day after day. Learning a new technique, trying a new pattern, fiddling with a tricky yarn, working to make my selvedge better than yesterday. All these things make weaving a never ending adventure!