Sunday, September 6, 2015

Another Warp

Here is the last of the Mocha series warps being wound.  At 10 towels each warp, they will have boosted my inventory by 40 towels.  Still haven't settled on a price for them yet because they do have linen in them, but these are 2/8 cotton rather than 2/16 so they should be cheaper...but by how much?  I am really quite pleased with how they have turned out but the colour way is on the 'brown' side so perhaps not as appealing as a different colour.  

If I had a crystal ball that actually worked I would be able to know what would appeal to people.  Ah well, that's part of the challenge!

And you will notice that I really do set my tubes up so that the yarn feeds off from the end.  There are lots of people who will tell you this is a really bad idea, because from one end of the tube twist will be added; from the other end twist will be subtracted.  Recognizing that this might cause a problem, I decided the solution was to continue, but always take the yarn off the same way.   My tubes are therefore set up to wind off counter clockwise.  Why?  I don't remember.  But if you can't be perfect, be consistent!

Currently really Deadly Election by Lindsey Davis


Anne said...

I, too, always wind off the tubes counter clockwise. I found that by ding this that the edge threads didn't fall apart as I was weaving. With your warping board, how do you put in the cross, or it's just not shown in the picture?

Laura Fry said...

It is just out of the picture.