Saturday, September 12, 2015


With the goal of using up as much of my stash as I have, I'm having to push beyond my comfort zone in terms of my weft colour choices.  (I also don't have time to wait around for a yarn order to come in, so...)

Normally I prefer my weft to be closer in value to the warp and the difference in value between the warp and weft is leaving me a little unsure that it really 'works'.  On the other hand, it doesn't look 'bad', just different from my usual.  So I'm carrying on weaving shawl #5 on this warp with the green weft, hoping someone will fall in love with it.

The next weft colour is even more 'daring' - it's a greyed pink, about the same value.  Really unsure about whether that one is going to work or not!


Rose said...

That pale green is just lovely with the "blurple"! You'll just have to see with the pink, though I don't think the value difference alone would be a problem, if it's similar to this.

PS I started following you recently, and I love that you tagged you blog so well, since I can browse around. 😊 I'm " yarnivore" most places, FYI.

Marlene said...

I'm a long time reader of your blog and this is my first post. Just needed to let you know that the green weft with that warp is very good in my opinion. I think it will sell well. And I do like the twill pattern very much.