Friday, September 18, 2015

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As of this morning, total page views of this blog are nudging the 800,000 mark!

August of this year marked the 7th anniversary of entering the blogosphere.  Life has had it's share of ups and down, great joys, some sorrows.  But that is life, after all.  The good becomes sweeter once you have experienced 'bad'.  The trick, I've found, is to not get stuck in the bad.  Feel the fear - and do it anyway.  Yadda, yadda.  

The reason these things are cliche' is simply because they describe an essential truth, one we need to remember, especially when having a 'bad' time.

Getting 'old' is not guaranteed, after all.  I have had a very full life but it hasn't all been wonderful by any means.  A bed of roses isn't very comfortable if the thorns haven't been removed - and they rarely are!

Recently I was lamenting to a friend that my brain power has really been compromised - that I have trouble wrapping my brain around concepts.  Learning new things.  I also feel that, after a lifetime of weaving, I have a pretty big pool of knowledge already, so for the moment rather than try to expand my knowledge, I'm concentrating on documenting what I have.  Or will be once the show season is over.

For now it's in the embryo stage - the concept is swirling around in the back of my mind as I explore options and how best to put what I know onto the 'page'.  I'm sure the meeting with the graphic designer next month will help - she's the expert on that sort of thing, after all.  And she's a weaver - a very good one - so I don't have to explain what I'm trying to do, she already knows the language and the process.

I have been blessed with good friends, near and far, who are supportive and encouraging.  It's been a good life over all.  Oh sure, I could have enjoyed more income, but really, I've done work that I love, even if it doesn't pay well.  I don't really need a huge income - my lifestyle is modest, I don't want for much in terms of material things.  I have a fully loaded weaving studio and STASH!  I get to play with string, every day.  And I get to pass on my passion to others who are like minded.  

The weaving community is a small one, compared to knitting or quilting.  I am proud to be a member of a community that is so filled with enthusiasm, delight in learning, pretty yarns.  

Not sure where I am going with this post - rambling seems to be in my blood today.  Obviously it's time to get to the loom!

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