Sunday, September 13, 2015


Or nearly.  I'm half way through shawl six out of an estimated 12. 

I wasn't sure this greyed rose colour was going to play well with the dark blue warp but it seems to be fine.  It is even showing a tendency to iridescence but I will have to wait until it is wet finished to be sure.  

Today I started looking for my double bobbin shuttle and once again failed to find it.  I'm pretty sure I used it during the DVD taping but where it got to after that?   However, I did empty a plastic bin of textiles, some of which I had set aside for the DVD and which never got used.  So they are now in the to be wet finished pile.  I know there is at least one more bin with more, so I will try to find it, too, and get everything done in time for the fall sales.  

My goal is to go through all of the bins and boxes by the end of the year and clear some floor space so that I can bring more yarns over from the annex.  We will see if I'm successful!

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