Monday, September 7, 2015

Show Time

It is time to pay attention to the calendar and the count down to the first of the shows of the season.

UNBC kicks the season off with Artisans of the North, Oct. 24/25.  
Studio Fair follows Oct. 30/31, Nov 1. 

Both of these shows happen here at home so we get to sleep in our own beds and no long commute. 

Circle Craft takes place in Vancouver Nov 11-15 at the Convention Centre. 

Art Market is the following weekends Nov 19-22 in Calgary at the Telus Convention Centre.  

Got the last of the Mocha series towels weaving today.  This week is busy with meetings and appointments but my goal is to finish this warp Wednesday afternoon, then tuen my attention to the shawl warp.  Since the fringe twisting takes at least as long as the weaving, I need to get them off the loom asap so they can be finished in time.  Since I will be away for a couple of weeks in October, I really need to pour on the coals for the rest of Seotember. 

Overall, I'm pleased with these towels although personally I'm not a 'brown' person...I think these look quite appealing. 

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