Friday, May 27, 2016

All Mixed Up

Notice anything 'wrong' with this warp?  No?

This is the first prototype warp for a new scarf line.

The past few years I worked a lot with dyed warps but recently acquired a bunch of commercially dyed solid yarns.  I had to think for a while about what to do with them and this warp is meant to test a design where the stripe sequence will be 4 x 4 for 1/3 of the warp, then 2x2, then 1x1.  

When a student asked if I wound the warp that way, I explained that I just wound one of each colour with my finger between them, then manipulated the threads so the colours were in the order I wanted them.  I have done this before and, so long as the yarn has some elasticity and the shift from parallel isn't too great, never had a problem.

Looking at the cross nothing appears amiss, but I also remove the lease sticks and once they are gone there isn't anything for the yarns to catch or hang up on.  

Now to sley, lash on (because slippery rayon!) and start weaving.  And hope it looks like I hope it will!


Stephanie S said...

Hard to see the two colors in the warp in the photo. Interesting that you are using two similar colors. I love Skinny Majesty
- which I assume this is... Can't wait to see what you are weaving. Everyones design and color sense is different and I love seeing what happens when different people use the same materials.
Thank you for the suggestion about warping and moving the color order when beaming. That never occurred to me - but with a slippery yarn it would be a breeze.
Best wishes.
Stephanie S

Laura Fry said...

The colours look more different in real life. The photo was taken with my ipad which doesn't always take great pictures. Yes, it is Skinny Majesty. :) I worked with it a lot when I wove for the fashion designer I bought the yarns from in March. She has given up working with hand woven cloth and is concentrating on surface design.