Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reality Rears

The colours are actually much darker in real life and I'm quite happy with it.  I will show my client and tell her to 'see' it darker and hope she likes it.

I have been kind of hiding from the reality that I leave for Edmonton Thursday morning - as early as I can get out of bed.  It's about an 8 hour drive, with a one hour shift in time zones.  So I will arrive after dinner, most likely.

While the workshop itself is pretty much under control, I wanted to bring a few other things - because I'm driving and it's no big deal to throw 'extras' into the back of the van.  And clothing/personal items.  Usually I start filling my suitcase up to 10 days ahead of a trip.  I haven't even pulled it out of the closet.   There have just been too many other things demanding my very limited resources.

But the warp on the AVL is 'proven' (yes, there was a mistake in the treadling sequence, which took several tries to fix, then some 'issues' with heddles getting caught, then one shaft that didn't want to play nicely at first - seems to have settled down now.  We'll see when I get home and start weaving in earnest.)

Tomorrow we shift all the rubble from the guild room back into the room and once that is done the trip to Edmonton will be the number 1 priority.  Because, reality!

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