Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Really Real!

When I originally talked to the college about having the master weaver class here in Prince George, it was kind of a huge gamble - we are just a day's drive from Olds College and there is no Fibre Week - it is just 6 days of intensive study.  Would we get enough people?  Would others see the value in this program, too?  But people kept asking questions and - taking a very deep breath - we went ahead with it.

Today I received the class list (seven students) with notification that the binders are on their way.

We have made arrangements to remove as much extraneous stuff from the guild room as possible, the guild drop ins will be cancelled for the duration.

It is very exciting to have enough people to have the class run - and with any luck at all - there will be enough graduates to do level two here next year as well.  If not, people can enroll in the level two class at Olds.  But I'm really hoping to have level two here in 2017.  :)

(If anyone is interested in level one here next year - let me know now so that we can check dates and see if it is possible!)

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Sandra Rude said...

Oh, good! I'm glad to hear it's a GO.