Monday, May 30, 2016

Part of the Job

When you are trying to sell your textiles proper labelling is a legal requirement.  

I have been steadily cranking out inventory for the fall sales and now have four large boxes and bins of things ready for this essential step.  With a rather hectic schedule I have been ignoring the stack but cannot ignore it anymore so this morning I am trying to get everything caught up and decided to begin with this so everything can be moved to the annex and out of my dining room.  

The level of rubble has reached MY limit of tolerance!   Not to mention I need the room next week so that I can begin the packing for Olds Fibre Week.  I have to bring EVERYTHING with me, no dashing home at lunch to fetch some forgotten thing.

Some days I feel like a one-armed juggler...

1 comment:

Sandra Rude said...

Oh, my, I know that feeling - a 1-armed juggler indeed. It's the nonwoven part of weaving that gets me down, never the weaving itself.