Saturday, May 7, 2016

Planning for the Future

With the first Olds satellite class about to begin here in Prince George thoughts are turning to the future - because once level one is successfully completed, provisions need to be made for level two, right?  And because not everyone who is interested was able to take level one this year, but might be ready next year...well, calendars have been consulted, plans drawn up, dates set aside.

The next questions is - will there be enough interested people for level two to go ahead next year and will there be enough interest in level one next year?  Who knows.  Life Happens, sometimes in a big way and plans made can fall apart.

But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And so I propose that 2017 offer the Prince George, level two May 20-25 and level one May 27-June 1.

If I can remember how to post a survey to my blog I will add that to the banner to see if people are actually interested.  If so, I will talk to the powers that be in Olds when I am there in June.

What is really exciting is that a couple of people have inquired about having satellite programs in their neighbourhoods - stay tuned!


Carol said...

Laura, I'm packing right now to attend level I this year in Prince George. My unreliable health willing, I'll be there for level II next year. I would really prefer a time that's not in May, as this month is really busy around the farm, but I'll be there whenever you schedule it.

Laura Fry said...

Looking forward to meeting you. Unfortunately there is no 'perfect' time of the year for everyone. :( I hear you about unreliable health! :(