Thursday, May 26, 2016

No Pictures

I intended to take a picture of the group today, but what with one thing and another, completely forgot.  So here is a photo of the valley the town sits in from Cranbook Hill.  :)

It was an incredibly intense six days.  I had some personal stuff going on as did a couple of the other participants and it was good to just shut all that out and focus on weaving.  And the information flowed practically non-stop, for the first three days.  By Day Four I had cut my lectures back in order to let people get the weaving done and today, Day Six, was the oral presentations, then a few final demos that either had been forgotten earlier or just didn't have time to fit in until now.  And then a final review of the homework to be done at home, clarifying what I would prefer to see.  I also urged them not to go home and set everything aside until January, but to review the manual and start thinking about and working towards completing their homework.

One person said she needed a palette cleanser and was going to weave some tea towels before she started thinking about the homework.  Which is not a bad idea - the main thing is that everyone make a commitment to doing some weaving, preferably every day, but at least once a week, so that they don't forget everything they have learned.

Weaving is a complex activity.  Things need to be done in a consistent manner, frequently enough that bits and pieces of the information doesn't get forgotten from session to session.  And burning new neural pathways can only be done with repetition in a fairly short period of time.  If you don't use it, you lose it!

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