Sunday, May 14, 2017

An Embarrassment of Riches

When I decided to write/publish Magic in the Water (available for sale at - join the Magic in the Water group and follow directions) it was because there was almost no information on wet finishing in one place geared towards the hand weaver.  I saw a need and decided to fill it.

So why am I writing a general book on weaving when there are already so many books available, not to mention dvd's, blogs (including this one), video clips on You Tube, on line guilds (Jane Stafford), Janet Dawson's Craftsy class.  It would seem there is more than enough information out there.  So why?  

One of the exercises in the Olds Master Weaving program level one is to do a comparative book report, contrasting two books in relation to the level one manual contents.

As I read through these book reports I constantly ask myself - why?  Why would I put myself through all the time, energy and expense of trying to write/publish another book on weaving?

Once again the answer is simple.  So many of these books simply do not address the principles of the craft.  Or they do not include the information that I consider vital for a practitioner to know and understand.

As mentioned previously my attempt at writing a book about the craft of weaving is not going to be for someone just wanting to learn how to weave - the basic steps of getting a warp onto the loom, etc.  My approach is to try to expand the depth of knowledge of the craft.  To answer some of the 'it depends' questions and how and why changing one thing can change the results.

I have to admit that in view of reading all those critiques of the current books I quake in my boots, knowing that my book will not satisfy everyone and that it will (may?) be subject to future critiques that find it wanting.  And yet the masochist in me persists.  

Currently reading Less Than a Treason by Dana Stabanow


Louisa said...

I think you have to ignore your inner and outer critics and just write the book you want to see out in the world. You have the knowledge and it wants to be shared!

Keesha Standley said...

Yes, please persist. I am eagerly waiting for your book.
I have learned so much from you by reading your blog and watching your DVDs.