Saturday, May 27, 2017


The cone is the last (finally!) of Lynn's ginormous cones of cotton/linen blend.  It's about the same grist as 2/8 cotton, so has been weaving up nicely on the cotton warps I've been pulling.  I really expected to use this cone up on the last warp, but here it sits, giving it's all for another 4? 5? 6? towels?  

Once it is used up, the pale blue cotton slub on the tubes will be next.  I'm hoping to use some of them up on this warp too.

I have collected almost everything needed for the Cape Breton class, bar the stuff I use almost daily in the studio.  After all, there is still another week - surely I can weave another warp or three?  But I also have a boatload of appointments - hair cut so I don't look so shaggy, Rx renewal, chiropractor, massage therapist.  Such a lot of maintenance required to keep this body going!

The grey shawl is almost knitted.  Just a few more rows, then the ribbing.  I made it longer than usual because it seems my lower back always feels the cold and I wanted a shawl long enough to cover that.  Hopefully I can finish tonight.  Then there are another 6 or 7 spools of singles to be plyed.  I may - or may not - bring knitting as well as the 10 towels ready for hemming to Cape Breton.  It depends on how much 'spare' room there will be in my suitcase.  Plus a book or three.  It's a very long plane ride(s) from Sydney, NS to Prince George.  Lots of time to be reading.

We are still waiting on the contractor to get back to us about when the work on the driveway will get done.  I am so wanting something to be completed!  Although completing the outside of the house just means we will have to decide on what to do about the inside.  I think we've given up on doing much this year.  Instead we will look at next summer for replacing the flooring in the two small bedrooms and painting inside.  The kitchen desperately needs it as well as the main bathroom, the ensuite, the two small bedrooms, which were never touched when we moved in, although the rest of the rooms have been painted at some point.  With So Much Stuff in both of those small bedrooms (one of which is my office), we've decided to rent a storage bin, empty the two rooms and strip them rather than trying to work around the stuff.

Plus I'm arm twisting a friend to come in January or February to help me sort through my office, decide what to keep, what to toss and set up a proper filing system for the Olds things.  

For today, my dust busting helper came, vacuumed, washed floors, then weeded the front flower beds.  And the sun is shining.  It's good.  It's all good.

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